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Liquor Bottling Plant for sale

Food Products
Asking Price 6 Cr Annual Revenue
Sub-Category : Food & Beverage Year Established 2000
No. of Employees Listed On 2018-06-27

Chhattisgarh based Bottling unit with total land available of 5 acres (2178000 sq ft), Built up Production House, Warehouse & Office (33000 sq ft) and Production Capacity of 40000 cases per month. Licenses-FL IX License-allows bottling of brands registered first in the state of Chhattisgarh. FL IX A License-allows bottling of brands registered first outside state of Chhattisgarh and attracts the Franchise fee of Rs. 74.40 per case. Letter of Intent for 10000KL Capacity. Plant & Machinery: Two semi automatic bottling line; 6 Nos Stainless Steel (SS 304) Blending Tanks with combined Capacity of 88000 Litres & 2 Nos of Stainless Steel (SS 304) Spirit Storage Tanks of 49000 Litres each. 10 registered brands which are free from Franchise fee of Rs. 74.40 per case. Out of these 10 brands, 3 brands are already selling in the market in cheap and regular segments. Bottling Conversion Charges if Bottling other Company Brand-Rs. 37 per case for 750 ml, 375 ml and 180 ml Rs. 45 per case for 90 ml. Other Details: Water- Borewell 160 ft depth, Raw Waterwell 60 ft depth PH 8 Hardness 300-550 ppm DM Water- 50,000 litres/Reg Sand Filter-Available ENA Storage-0.98 lacs litres Blending-0.88 lacs Litres Service Tank-2*8000 litres FG Godown RCC- 20000 cases. Currently the plant is closed due to working capital constraints. Asking Price Rs. 6 Cr.