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Manufacturer of API bulk drugs tablet and formulation company looking for s

Asking Price 46 Cr Annual Revenue
Sub-Category : Bulk drug Year Established
No. of Employees Listed On 2017-05-06

Gujarat based company is in the business of manufacturing and selling of bulk drugs, tablets and formulations. The company has its unit located on Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) land in the state of Gujarat. The unit is located on an area of 11,189 sq. meters taken on lease for a period of 99 years. The total constructed area is about 43866 sft.The company has started the commercial operation in June 2009 to March 2010. The company has manufactured Metformin, Cefiximine, Tolnaflate etc. Subsequently due to unforeseen circumstances and also restriction imposed by Gujarat Pollution Clearance Board, the unit stopped manufacturing. However the factory & machineries are maintained in good condition. The Gujarat pollution Clearance Board has since given clearance.The company is having 17 reactors, out of which 9 are Glass line reactors and the balance 8 are stainless steel reactors, which have been put in operation in the year 2009.The company has all the various permissions and accessories as required for the running of the plant. The company has a boiler having a capacity of 3 tons per hour. The company has also installed a 30 ton compressor to meet its manufacturing requirements. Due to financial cruch the company has stopped production since March 2012.