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Specialized logistic, Car trailer operator and transport company looking fo

Logistic and Warehousing
Asking Price 15 Cr Annual Revenue 15Cr
Sub-Category : General Year Established
No. of Employees Listed On 2017-05-06

Gujarat based two decade old specialized logistic, Car trailer operator and transport company having turnover of around Rs. 15 Cr. Company is having more than 100 car trailer trucks and operates at pan India level. Company is also having Car stock yard business for holding the inventory of Cars on company/clients behalf.  As specialists in the transport of cars in bulk, and experts in the distribution of vehicles, company provide nationwide solution and approach to the supply chain to car manufacturers that is located both in North and South India making for a perfect fit for it’s clients’ most specific needs. Company is looking for Joint venture partner or strategic investor for expansion of the business. Present Enterprise value around Rs. 15 Cr.