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State :- Andhra Pradesh 
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Manufacturer of Home & Personal care products for takeover

 2 Cr  1.2 Cr Andhra Pradesh

Company  is engaged in the manufacture of a wide range of home and personal care products. Established in 2005. Company is The company is looking for takeover....

Electronic system design and manufacturing company looking for stake sale

 35 Cr  24 Cr Andhra Pradesh

Company is having state of art design manufacturing and in-house test equipment’s. Company is having around 12000 sq ft. area towards manufacturing and operations.  A team of more than 50 experienced software and hardware engineers are working for the company. Company is looking for stra...

Fruit Juice Making Unit looking for stake sale

 4.5 Cr  3 Cr Andhra Pradesh

Andhra Pradesh fruit Juice making unit having an annual turnover in the range of Rs. 3 Cr. Company manufactures Mango, apple and Guava fruit juices. Company is having state of art plant with the capacity of  1.25 Cr litre per annum for the production and packaging of Juices installed in the...